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Organic and locally grown Rose (Rosa spp.) and Wild crated Mimosa (Albizia julibrissin) come together to create a calming, balancing, heart healing and uplifting Elixir. They are slow infused in Brandy and Local Honey to extract their powerful medicinal properties. Rose and Honeysuckle infused Honey is added to harmonize the blend creating a floral and slightly sweet heart opening potion.

Comes in both 1oz and 2oz glass amber dropper bottles.

Spirit Dose: 3-10 drops on tongue, or in water. I find this dosage to be extremely effective for shifting the energetics and emotions. Spirit doses work on an energetic level rather than a biochemical level in our bodies.

Dose: Standard medicinal dose ~ 30-60 drops, 3 times per day. Tasty taken straight, and delicious added to sparkling mineral water/La Croix and teas.

Harmonized the Heart and Will, uplifts the Spirit, allows empowerment for vulnerable freedom and Self care.
Calming, balancing, heart protecting and strengthening.

~Rose is a cooling and uplifting medicine that has the ability to heal heartache, trauma, grief, depression, anxiety and chronic stress. She allows us to open our hearth to being vulnerable, while reinforcing personal empowerment, freedom and setting healthy boundries (thorns!).

Rose teaches us deep self love and knowledge that results in nourishment and wholeness. It's said rose represents all aspects of the Goddess and has the ability to love and nurture, and see the beauty in all things. Traditionally used to treat depression, anxiety, a broken and grieving heart, and trauma especially regarding violence/sexual abuse/betrayal. She is balancing, strengthening and protecting to our nervous system and heart. Both Rose and Mimosa are used to treat Stagnant Liver Qi (energy flow and smoothing emotions), which shows up as mood swings, irritability due to stuck emotions, frustration, anger, abdominal pain/stomachache/GERD, and feeling stuck emotionally, as well as stuck trauma and grief.

~Mimosa flowers are a heavenly delight. Traditionally used to calm and lighten the Spirit, relieve heartache, stress, bad temper, depression, insomnia and also helps with irritability due to stuck emotions. The flowers have been said to give you an instant dose of feel good giddiness and mild euphoria! Sounds like my kinda medicine! Mimosa harmonizes the heart and will(emotions), makes the body light, eyes bright and "puts one in a contented frame of mind as if one had aquired whatever one desired". She invigorates the blood, and promotes flow of Qi(energy), and calms Shen(spirit).

~Hawthorne Leaf, Flower and Berry: Energetically hawthorn is helpful for healing a broken heart. A giving and loving plant, hawthorn shrubs are also covered in large thorns; you must approach with caution and respect, similar to the way you would want someone to approach you in situations concerning the heart and love.
Hawthorn is also a wonderful boundary promoting herb, for people who tend to love too freely and often end up getting hurt; hawthorn will help you create the needed boundaries that keep your protected but also allow you to give your love to the right people.
Hawthorne is indicated for irritable, nervous heart conditions, heart conditions related to an emotional heartache or spiritual heartache from a disconnection with the spirit, in conjunction with weak or slow digestion. It helps open the heart to forgiveness of others or forgiveness of life events that may be keeping a person from healing.

Grief Relief Elixir