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This formula is infused with nourishing Adaptogens for stress management and energy support.

Adaptogens are plant's that help keep proper balance, conserve and create sustained energy, and increase the ability to cope with stress, whether physical, mental or emotional. Adaptogens are generally building and tonifying to the system and regarded as safe for most people.


++Milky Oat- Milky Oat refers to the Oat seed just before it reaches maturity. When squeezed, it exudes a "milky" white substance containing latex, silica, calcium and chromium. This is nourishing to a depleted nervous system, and helpful for rebuilding the myelin sheath, helping nerves better communicate. Indicated for people with mental and physical exhaustion who are irritable and lack focus, and have a low or depleted libido. Milky Oats also help support those recovering from drug addiction.


++Ashwagandha- this is one of my favorite plant's to grow and harvest. Nothing compares to the potency of fresh home grown Ashwagandha, like most fresh home grown herbs! The smell is reminiscent of dark chocolate, sweet, earthy and pungent. Ashwagandha is thought to instill the vitality of a horse to the consumer (Ashwagandha translates to "sweat/smell/strength of a horse"). The adaptogenic and tonic effects are best suited for persons who are debilitated or exhausted while agitated or under stress. Ashwagandha is indicated for nervous exhaustion, insomnia, stress-induced health conditions, anemia, impotence, chrinc inflammation and a depressed white blood cell count due to cytotoxic drugs and cognitive deficits including those with aging and hypertension. Ashwagandha helps boost the conversion of T4 (the thyroid storage hormone) to T3 (the active thyroid hormone).


++Tulsi- Also known as Holy Basil, is used traditionally in Ayurvedic medicine. It is considered an adaptogen and general tonic. It stabilizes blood sugar levels, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels and protects the heart from stress. Tulsi can help reduce excessive immune response conditions like hay fever and asthma as well as feelings of stress. It enhances cerebral circulation, memory, concentration, and mental activity.


+Rhodiola- Another known adaptogen which also helps energy production. Rhodiola aids in mental clarity, memory, and stress reduction. Indicated for people who show early aging and individuals who are exhausted, anxious, depressed and burnt out. Rhodiola is used to enhance energy production and increases endurance during exercise. In one study it was shown to enhance physical work capacity, coordination, and general well-being, along with less mental fatigue and situational anxiety. Student's have been shown to increase their ability to learn whikle using Rhodiola. Both short and long term memory are improved in rats that are given Rhodiola. Another study prevented stress-induced cardiac damage and catecholamine release from the heath muscle when Rhodiola was used.


+Eleuthero- Eleuthero has had more than three thousand studies preformed on it, more than any other herb in the world. Eleuthero helps the body deal with stress, and increases endurance and stimulates the brain to improve concentration. Soviet researchers found that eleuthero improved athletic performance, aided cosmonauts in preventing space sickness, caused secretaries to make fewer mistakes, and helped workers have fewer sick days. Eleuthero enhances immunity, endurance, brain function and general good health. This root is more on the stimulating side of adaptogens, so this formula should be taken during the day to prevent evening stimulation.


Comes in a 2oz amber glass bottle.


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