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Hello! I'm Julie, a Holistic Community Herbalist nestled in the ever so bio-diverse Western NC mountains. I spend my time geeking out over plant chemistry, cultivating relationships with plants and my community, formulating herbal medicine, and growing medicinal herbs. I studied Permaculture, small scale organic agriculture and nutrition which lead me to utilizing herbal medicine to shift our bodies into a

more healthy and happy state.
I believe our bodies are remarkably intelligent, which is why nourishing ourselves and listening to our innate ability to heal is key to vitality. Plants can be such beneficial allies to our healing journey, and I am here to assist you on your path towards wellness.



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Krys Earles~Custom Mouth Wash

Just the ticket. Asked for an oral support rinse custom made to help just freshen up the mouth in the mornings without a strong peppermint taste that would overpower a breakfast and delay my eating of it. (I brush my teeth after breakfast, but no one wants morning mouth that long while cooking it.) She delivered a nice, quality product with a lovely light taste that makes my mouth feel like it was brushed until I get around to it for real.

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